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Vertex Horizon

Case Study: Vertex Horizon Logo Design



Type of Work

Logo Design

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The logo's origin lies in the concept of a protective sanctuary for gamers. The gaming controller symbolizes the heart of competitive gaming, while the inverted triangle is a nod to the concept of turning the traditional power structure on its head.

The Vertex Horizon logo is like a gamer's dream come true imagine an upside-down triangle rocking it with a gaming controller!

The upside-down triangle brings strength and stability, like the superhero sidekick you never knew you needed. And that gaming controller? It's not just for show; it's the secret weapon for leveling up your skills. In logo language, this design says, "Hey, we're serious about gaming, but we're also the cool cats you want to hang out with." It's the perfect blend of power and playfulness, telling you that Vertex Horizon is where gamers of all levels unite.

  • Deep Blue (#001F3F)

  • Electric Green (#33FF00)

Deep Blue (#001F3F) and Electric Green (#33FF00) as the main colors for the Vertex Horizon logo is like bringing the night sky and a burst of gaming energy together. Deep Blue exudes stability, trust, and professionalism—like the calm waters before a gaming storm. Electric Green injects the logo with a vibrant burst of excitement, symbolizing the energy and dynamic nature of esports. It's the perfect blend of cool composure and gaming zeal, telling the world that Vertex Horizon is where reliability meets the thrill of the game.

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