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Galactic Bean

Case Study: Galactic Bean Logo Design




Type of Work

Logo Design

The challenge was to blend sophistication with playfulness, highlighting the diverse origins of their coffee while maintaining a distinctive visual identity

Galactic Bean, a coffee shop and cafe with a penchant for sourcing the finest coffee beans from around the world. The goal was to have a logo that mirrored their cosmic passion for coffee.

Inspiration struck like a caffeine rush when contemplating the iconic coffee bean.


The idea of incorporating a celestial element, akin to a milky way, into the heart of the bean was born. This not only symbolized the global reach of their coffee but also added a touch of mystique to the brand.


The split bean, akin to the Milky Way, emphasized the vastness of Galactic Bean's coffee offerings.

Color Theory-01.png

The color palette was a crucial element in portraying both the brand's identity. A radical gradient was chosen, ranging from the rich, deep tones of 'Rich Oak'-#6C3506 to the warmer hues of 'Deep Mocha'-#3C2415.


The outer layer, reminiscent of the cosmic void, envelops the logo, while the inner layer, inspired by the warmth of coffee, takes center stage. This gradient not only visually enhances the logo but also creates a sense of depth, echoing the complexity of Galactic Bean's coffee flavors.

WORD MARK-01.png
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