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Gamers Garage

Case Study: Gamers Garage Logo Design

Logo structure-01-01.png



Type of Work

Logo Design

The logo for Gamers Garage features a cloud with two spheres orbiting around it, symbolizing the dynamic nature of gaming progress and the ability to travel with it seamlessly.

The logo? It's not some crazy, out-of-this-world design. It's simple, straightforward, like a good friend you can rely on. I didn't want it to scream "esports" because hey, this garage might expand into other cool stuff, who knows?

We've opted for a logo design that speaks volumes about the company's essence. The cloud symbolizes the focus on data storage, reflecting security and accessibility—the perfect match for gamers entrusting their progress to the platform. The addition of spheres around the cloud adds a dynamic touch, suggesting movement and activity, mirroring the fast-paced world of esports. And "Gamers Garage" in red? It's like a beacon, drawing attention and conveying a sense of energy and excitement. Together, these elements create a logo that encapsulates the brand's identity and mission with clarity and flair.


Why this color cocktail you ask?

This blue hue screams "limitless possibilities." It's like the vast sky of opportunities for gamers.


The mysterious dark indigo is our superhero cape. It wraps around the logo, adding a touch of enigma and security.

Ah, the candy apple red – because gaming is not just serious business; it's a whole carnival of fun! It's the pop of color that says, "Hey, we're not just storing progress; we're throwing a gaming party, and you're invited!

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