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Legacy Stride

Case Study: Legacy Stride Logo Design

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Logo Design

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A company that produces durable marathon running equipment. They pride themselves in their loyal fan base. Their target audience is parents. They want to convey a sense of comfort, whileat the same time being business-like

Legacy Stride's logo is poised to be a testament to resilience and reliability, employing the powerful imagery of gears to signify strength and progress in the marathon of life. Infused with warm, inviting colors and friendly typography, it exudes an aura of trustworthiness and family-centric values. With safety, quality, and convenience at its core, the logo serves as a beacon of assurance for parents, reflecting their aspirations to provide the best for their children. It's not just a logo; it's a promise—a legacy in motion.

Imagine a gear, symbolizing movement, resilience, and trustworthiness, adorned with a running figure, capturing the spirit of athletes and marathon enthusiasts. This logo embodies the dedication to durability and reliability, while adding a vibrant touch of dynamism.

Legacy Stride Gear SYMBOL-01.png

We employ a robust yet inviting font to convey both trustworthiness and approachability, while infusing a subtle sense of motion that resonates with marathon enthusiasts.

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We're painting with colors that say, "Welcome home!" Deep blues, greens, or browns for that sturdy gear, plus a dash of gradient magic with orange and cyan. It's like a warm hug in color form, perfect for our family-oriented crowd!

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