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Cosmic Forge

Case Study: Cosmic Forge Logo Design




Type of Work

Logo Design

The logo for Cosmic Forge marries the cosmic allure of gaming with the tactile essence of controllers.


Imagine the gaming controller as the universal remote to an interstellar gaming experience.

Logo Concept

The controller is more than a gadget; it's a gaming spaceship. Buttons aren't just buttons; they're constellations guiding players through a universe of strategies. In gaming, we're all astronauts with thumb superpowers

The orbiting planet? That's the gaming community, circling the controller like moons around a planet. It's a reminder that gaming communities orbit shared passion and skill-building, like planets in a cosmic dance.

  • Deep Sky Blue -#007BF

  • Black -#000000

  • International Orange -#FF1744

The gradient, like a cosmic voyage, starts with deep sky blue, transcends through the dark abyss of black, and climaxes in the fiery intensity of international orange.


It's a journey from n00b to pro, where every shade represents a level conquered. It's a color palette that's as bold as your first headshot :) and as captivating as a black hole in the gaming world

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