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Arcade Fusion

Case Study: Arcade Fusion Logo Design

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Type of Work


Logo Design

Arcade Fusion, a vibrant and retro-inspired arcade bar, and with that in mind my vision for the logo was to celebrate the golden age of arcade gaming while creating a brand identity that seamlessly blends nostalgia with modern flair.

As passionate advocates for classic games, the goal was  that I not only encapsulated the essence of their arcade but also showcased their dedication to promoting timeless gaming experiences.

The ideation phase revolved around a deep dive into iconic arcade symbols, melding nostalgia with cutting-edge design. Our goal was to craft a logo that not only transported patrons back in time but also set the stage for an exhilarating, contemporary gaming experience.

Design Elements:

The letter "A" in Arcade takes center stage with a button, exuding the essence of arcade machines. The radical gradient adds a shiny, flame-hot allure, symbolizing the intense energy and excitement of pressing those arcade buttons—an invitation to a gaming adventure ablaze with passion.

The letter "C" transforms into Pac-Man. This playful homage to a gaming icon adds a touch of whimsy, creating an instant connection with classic arcade enthusiasts.

The second "A" in Arcade metamorphoses into pinball flippers. This dynamic element pays tribute to the pinball era, infusing kinetic energy and variety into the logo.

The letter "E" embraces a pixelated aesthetic. This pixelated charm bridges the gap between retro graphics and modern design, creating a visually captivating element.


The logo font is inspired by the classic era of arcade gaming, when pixels ruled the screen. We've embraced the pixelated style to evoke nostalgia and cater to fans of old-school gaming. It's a fun way to bring back those beloved 2D adventures and invite gamers to relive the magic of the arcade era.

Crimson (#BE0A00)

(Orange) (#E86100)

Deep Red (#AF0000)

Red (#E83E3A)

Our chosen color palette is a fiery gradient that moves seamlessly through the spectrum, transitioning from Crimson to Orange to Deep Red and finally culminating in Red. This radical gradient, reminiscent of flames, imbues each letter with a shiny, flame-hot intensity, embodying the passion and heat of the gaming experience.

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