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A coffee shop and cafe with a passion for global coffee.


So the goal was to Blend sophistication and playfulness, symbolizing the diverse coffee selection while maintaining a unique visual identity.


A split coffee bean with a cosmic milky way, representing the diverse origins of their coffee.


The radical gradient reflects the rich complexity of their offerings. Typography orbits like the rings of Jupiter, adding a dynamic touch. Our color palette mirrors the cosmic and comforting, creating a consistent brand universe.

coffee cup.png
coffee mug galactic.png
coffee mug galactic (1).png

This magical color filter on photos is like the secret sauce of Galactic Bean, turning every snapshot into a celestial coffee masterpiece. It's the cosmic touch that says, "We're serious about coffee, but we also believe in a little sprinkle of stardust for that extra kick!" Cheers to blending sophistication with the warmth of the universe's best brews!