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Identity Design
Type of Work
Logo Design
Visual Identity
Graphic Design
Transform Arcade Fusion into a living, breathing identity that resonates with retro gaming enthusiasts. Infuse the brand with the essence of classic arcades, using the logo as the cornerstone. Keep it visually captivating, vibrant, and dripping with nostalgia, all while maintaining a modern edge.
Arcade Fusion's identity design isn't just about creating a brand—it's about crafting an experience. The logo is the captain of this retro spaceship, and the colors, imagery, and fonts are the crew that guides patrons through a warp zone of nostalgia. It's not just a brand; it's a ticket to the ultimate game night, where every detail invites you to press start and relive the joyous pixels of the past.

Making the Arcade Fusion logo the star of the show in ads and signs. Put it everywhere, but don't overdo it with the main colors. Let the logo be the hero, like finding the perfect power-up in a game without any tricky obstacles! It's about making sure the logo stands out without taking over the whole scene.

Imagine Arcade Fusion as the Cheers of gaming—a place where everyone love classic retro games, back before esports was  "thing". The identity is a visual love letter to the classics, a pixelated dance of vibrant hues, and a comedic journey through the golden age of gaming. It's not just a bar; it's a portal to a retro-fueled adventure where the only high score that matters is how much fun you're having.

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